In speeches, watch out on the following two key objectives.

  1. General Objective
  2. Specific Objective

General Objectives touches on the general purpose of the speech. In all speeches, we can categorized them as Speech to Inform; Speech to Persuade or Inspire; and Speech to Entertain. The technique for specific category is different depending on the type of speech we intended to serve our purpose. While we can focus on specific category during training, most or all the four areas are covered within a speech presentation. However, one of them will take the central stage.

Specific Objectives covers the aim of the speech itself. For example, if we intend to inform the audience on how to stay healthy with daily exercise, then our focus is strictly on staying healthy with research work on it. Hence, the aim is specific and focuses on one small area of health.

With the knowledge of these two key objectives, giving speeches will be more focus and will be audience centered.