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It was two hours before new year. I was rushing towards a neighbourhood center. As I turn my car into the car park gantry, a vehicle was in front of me. I was waiting my turn. As the front car moved forward, I was next to be read by the automatic electronic reader. I moved ahead too and “BANG” the barrier, which was lifted, came crashing onto my car.

At first, I was shocked. Then it turned into bewilderment. Then guilt overwhelmed me as I thought I had crashed through the barrier. How could that have happened? As seconds ticked by, I quickly get out of the vehicle and press the help call. No answer for a long while. Then came a reply. Our staff are not available to tend to your call, please call the hotline, anyway your accident was picked up by the CCTV. Huh???

I decided to pick up the fallen barrier bar and place it in parallel with the road to avoid becoming an obstacle to other vehicle. Then I drove away from the scene. Moments later, I called the hotline to report the matter. The barrier was damaged, my car was damaged but fortunately the family was fine.

Many thoughts cross my mind. How is it possible for the barrier to crash onto my car? I did not sped through. It has got to do with the sensors. Oh how could it happen to me. Why me in new year’s eve? The operator got to do something about it. I could have been killed. Oh my family was in the vehicle. This may not be the first time it happened. What i the next car got hit and is not so fortunate?

And I got upset over the accident.

That’s how I spent the last few hours of 2007.