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  • Objectives:       
Capture the audiences attention with an imaginative opening.  
  • Rhetorical Question – A rhetorical question is a question to which no response is needed. 
  • Relevant Story – Beginning a presentation with a story that directly relates to the topic is another great way to get the audience’s attention 
  • Startling Statistic – A startling statistic can be great opener. 
  • Analogy – An analogy compares the known to the unknown, helping the audience better understand the unknown. 
  • Humorous Anecdote – Humor is one of the BEST ways to win an audience 
  • Curiosity – Provoking the audience’s sense of curiosity can also help you capture their attention. 
  • Gimmick – The sole purpose of a gimmick is to capture the audience’s attention 
Body CRC

Commendations C1 & C2 (Speech Structure, Orgn or Delivery) + Why )

Commendations have 2 components:
1.       State an issue that went well,
2.       Explain why it worked.

 Improved over past speech? Praised!Outline its basic 0bjective.

Recommendation:  R1 & R2(Speech Structure, Orgn or Delivery) + Why + How

 R have 3 components:

    1.  State an issue that could be improved on, eg use of notes
    2. Explain why it didn’t work
    3. Suggest how it could be improved.     

Commendations C3 (Speech Structure, Orgn or Delivery) + Why 


  1. Summary Of Key Points
  2. Conclude with a statement that will point out the value of the speech.
  3. Appreciate opportunity to evaluate the speech and an expectation for the future.             

For both method, after the speech >>

    •  Fill in the manual.
    • Give it back to the speaker!
    • Offer discussion with them for further feedback.
    • Build up a bank of suggestions you can use in evaluations.