Table Topics is a platform to grow for Toastmasters. When practice with deligent and absorbing the knowledge on what needs to be done and what not to do, the toastmasters would benefit with strategies in all kind of situation in the real working world even in social event.

Speaking on “Do you have to obey all the public speaking rules?”

A TM Table Topics Winner

A Table Topics Contest 1

A Table Topics Contest 2

The world is a stage….

Some of the table topics strategies are captured in the mindmap below.



Practicing to speak impromptu is another key to success in table topics speeches. Here, Robert Killen, MC for Toastmaster for the District 7 contest wow the crowd before the competition. View it to understand and learn the skill of table topics.

View a sample video of Kyle’s Table Topic SpeechA riotous feast for the senses .

Robin Walker’s table topic speech


Table Topics Master

The timid table topic master

Christine – Table topic master