I was eagerly expecting the result for the final two modules of my MSc programme. Finally it came. I scored well enough to graduate. I sighed and it was a relieve from the anticipation of what would come next upon the release of my MSc result.

This cross road was exciting. My next move in the everlasting progression in my academic studies is dependent on the outcome of this journey. Now that the wait is over, I am more informed on the next step to take.

I have always been interested to pursue the use of the English words. Hence, the next step could be along this line of thoughts. But perhaps not, perhaps I could go on to do another masters programme….my thoughts suddenly goes on to the various option available.

Perhaps, I should take a break and give more time to the family and to this blog. Well who knows. maybe I should sit on this matter till the new year in 2008. Mm…I think I should take that road. Give myself till early Jan to make a decision.

Continuing…part II…Giving up Olsum’s Diary

In my quest to complete my MSc journey, I have to give up Olsum’s Diary. Cleaning it was easy but trying to put it back was hard and impossible. Hence, RatanaOng was born. Mm…What happen? Why give up a blog that I’ve started not so long ago?

Well, it was difficult but a neccesarily thing to do at that point of time. To find time to work on my thesis. Why not just leave the blog alone? Can’t. Notice that the blog could be addictive. Notice that time and again, I was sitting at the notebook facing and thinking of new words to write. But it does helped in my vocab. Nevertheless, it was a difficult decision and I had to do it then. No regrets. Now that I’ve made it to graduate from the masters programme.

Anyway, RatanaOng is finding its feet again. Well and good….let’s see how long that I can sustain it. But certainly, wiping it out would not be so simply, with a prior experience.