Image of Bishan park (a satelite view is possible through google map) is situated at Bishan Town in the middle of Singapore. This green tropical park was created by the Singapore Government to serve the citizen surrounding it. The park comes with it’s exercise apparatus. In the foreground next to the greenery, a canal that flowed from Kallang River to the Lower Pierce reservoir.

There’s an enclosed dog run area but no strays. They must be dog tag to be in the park. Along the way, we can view ponds, tropical trees, squirrels, monkeys, many species of birds, commodore dragons and joggers of course. The park is also used by cyclists, skaters and morning practice of qiqong, meditators, footballers, wushu, and occasional big events. Kiosk selling drinks for joggers are available too.

Residents use it for their weekly jog. In total, a full circuit through the park is estimated at about 6 km. A morning jog is the best because of it’s nice 22 to 25 degree celcius weather. The noon period is the hottest hovering around 29 to 33 deg celcius tailing off at about 26-27 deg celcius in the evening. Tropical rain/shower is expected almost every other day but it’s seasonal. The wettest month is in Oct-Dec period. There are small huts along the way for a breather cum protection against rain, stormy weather and lighnings.

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