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The following video clip (3mins++) on Discovering Buddhism will help to understand Buddhism better.

The fundamentals of buddhism could be viewed in many sites and I depend on this CS Woon site on buddhism when I need the basic teachings. Buddha images could be found at flickr should I need to view it. It’s important for me to recall the five precepts. They are

  1. To Protect
  2. To be Generous
  3. To be Content
  4. To be Truthful
  5. To be Mindful
  6. To Be Wise

Wikipedia provides a comprehensive details on buddhism. A study guide on mindful of the body is available.

The buddhist faith of the forest tradition was simple to understand and yet profound. I love practicing the meditation twice a day. It provides the necessary calm and peace to do a full day’s work without being unnecessary stressed. Although achieving the jhanas is something I hope it would come naturally if ever to me.

The loving kindness meditation or Metta always releases any harmful thoughts, which result in a pure state of mind early in the morning and peace late at night. I’ve been able to catch a good night sleep since then. Surrounding myself with calm and peaceful things has been my priority since then. It brought about a peaceful state of mind, which allows one to relax and de-stress at the end of a hard days work.

My favorite monk is Ajahn Brahm if one wishes to listen to buddist teachings. I’ll turn to Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Chah VideoAjahn Sumedho, and Buddhanet if I wish to find buddhist materials. Other known buddhist leaders Thich Nhat Hanh – Peace is every Step. Dalai Lama Four Noble Truth (1/4) .

A rich source of materials is found at Buddha Sasana online. Free ebooks online . The daily enlightenment is useful for a daily dose of buddhist saying.

The movie The Little Buddha, provide an understanding of Siddhartha Gautama’s life and enlightenment. Additional clips .

Updates on links that I stumbled on while surfing.

  1. Meditation Made Easy (This too will pass)
  2. Digital Dharma (Karma)
  3. The Buddhist Channel