Frequently, we’re caught with the going on in the physical world. Many times, we’re caught thoughts willing us to take certain action. Most of the time it’s negative action that resulted in prolong action over many days if not many weeks.

When we are upset over events, we take certain action of detrimental effects that may harm or hurt people that works around us. Our thoughts would follow through on the right action that we’ve taken. We act on the fact of justifying our action based on the hurt that was hurled at us at the beginning. We would feel good about it but would regret our action sometimes but refuses to admit to the fact that we are suffering too.

As an example, lately, I’ve been at it blaming others for the predicament that I’m in at work. The blaming process comes on and off. It hurts that someone that I’m unhappy about because of the way we’re treated. Over time, I noticed that I was unhappy and suffered over the negative thoughts. Things got worst as every meeting became a confrontational situation as both parties refused to back off. Eventually, both parties get hurt. I get the worst of the bargain because he is my immediate supervisor. I was, in short, miserable.

I came to my senses when I did regular meditation over the weekend. I took a determined action to think nice thoughts to all using the loving kindness meditation. My speech was controlled with nice words being articulated often. Almost immediately, I noticed a change in me. I felt good about it. My surrounding people also felt relax and there was calm and peace in me. Over the next few days, after I’ve decided to take the proactive action to change. First in having positive thoughts, then in speech and then in action, I noticed that my immediate supervisor changed to a better tone when talking and listened more unlike previously. Both of us were better off in terms of good well being.

In conclusion, be mindful of what we are thinking. Our thoughts do bring us sufferings if we are not mindful and think negative thoughts. Subsequently, it led to negative speech and action, resulting in unhappiness and sufferings. Change the thoughts to positive and we change the situation for the better.