The competitive spirit in humans has it’s pros and cons.

The pros. Most of us was conditioned to compete since young. I remembered racing with the neighbourhood kids to school. I was trained in that sense to run. That spirit comes in very handy when in my quest to find spiders to compete with friends, I was chased by dogs. Hey, I outran them…or was it the fear?

Years later when I was in a speech contest, the spirit of competition got to me when I practice and practice and more practice. I won! There were two competitor though. But I won! In short, competition helps propel us to the next level of achievements.

The cons. In all competition, there will be winners and losers. The winners celebrate but the loser wallow in self pity if not handled properly. Sadness sets in. Depression followed. For most, we survive those dark periods. However, for some they couldn’t be bothered. And yet for others, they falter and could not picked themselves up again, suffering in silence.

So, the lessons to learn from competition is that life will always provide the platform for us to compete. We just need to do it and remember to stay neutral after the result was announced. We win, we celebrate and come back to earth, moving on with life. We lost, we cry, we come back to earth quickly and move on with life too.