How to put mp3 on wordpress blog

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13 Responses to “How to put mp3 on wordpress blog”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    Excelente este video muito bom mesmo – thanks e parabems pelo trabalho

  2. ♥:•BeaTrice Lee°:♥ Says:

    hi Ratana..

    thanks for the info.. but may i know how do i get the soft way? i mean how do i upload my mp3 file into my blog post? thanks for your knidness.


  3. ratanaong Says:

    This link should explain your query.

  4. ♥:•BeaTrice Lee°:♥ Says:

    Dear Ratana, i could make it:(

    but thanks for your help and time, you’re so kind. nice to meet you~

  5. enozone Says:

    Dear Ratana,

    Thanks to share this topic…. :)

  6. ashvin Says:

    thank you so much for share your knowledge with us,…….once again thank you.

  7. disperare Says:

    it doesn’t work by me. i’ve put another url than that given from doesn’t work!:(

  8. Rajesh Says:

    That was informative.
    Domain registration india

  9. Parenting About Says:

    Thank you! this was helpful!

  10. taumazein Says:

    Many thanks!

  11. ភិក្ខុ គង់ តូ Says:

    thanks for this post

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